Whatsapp is a free messaging app. Along with messages you can also share videos, photos, voice recordings, songs etc. There is a button on pressing which you can record your voice message and by releasing the button you can send the voice message to your friend. There is still no comparison of whatsapp with other messenger apps. Example of other messenger apps are- Kik, Skype, Snap chat, We-chat, hip chat, social cast, live go, IM+ etc. Earlier whatsapp was a mobile app only but now you can use it on your computer as well.


The usage of whatsapp and its special features:internetbusi

Whatsapp on your phone works as whatsapp server for your whatsapp for computer 4d in malaysia. There is sync between your computer and phone for the messages you send and all the messages are visible on both the devices. Only android, windows phone 8.0, windows phone 8.1, Same WhatsApp account can be accessed on the phone as well as on the computer.


Minimum requirements to get whatsapp on your PC-

  • You should have an active whatsapp account on your phone
  • A stable internet connection is needed both on the phone and the computer
  • Latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera is needed as your web browser.


Features of installing the Whatsapp messenger on PC:

Application has some of the best features making it demandable all over the world, one of the best things about the app is it is available for free to the users for first year which means one can enjoy its benefits without the need of paying even a single penny. Moreover, users can share texts, audio and video files and even images with other users on WhatsApp. They have to establish an internet connection, download the app and begin using it. The interface of the app has been designed keeping in mind the convenience of users such that every generation user can comfortably use it.

Download WhatsApp for PC

The application can be downloaded using any of the emulators available in the market. For downloading the app using Geny-motion following steps needs to be followed;

  • Visit the official site of Geny-motion and download it on your PC.
  • An account has to be created either using an existing email address or create a new one.
  • Once confirmation is received from Geny-motion, user can begin with its download. The choice of version should be made according to the operating system on which user is operating.
  • Once the emulator has been downloaded, the search button on it can be used to download WhatsApp for PC.

Pair your phone with your computer first to get started with whatsapp for your PC. Open whatsapp on your phone and go to whatsapp menu then in whatsapp web or whatsapp for PC. Then scan the 4d result malaysia QR code on your computer and be sure to always be connected with a Wi-Fi connection in order to avoid data usage charges on your phone.

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