If you are looking for some fantastic free email accounts and service providers for 2020, then do have a check on this listed provided below.


The best and most trusted emailing service providers 3win2u around in 2020 provided by the most trusted software worldwide, which is Google. Anyone who used Gmail loves Google products and are endorsed into the Google ecosystem, and its capabilities which is to be true is endless. Gmail is no different from this. It has chat and video calling functions built into it. It even offers a cloud storage space of up to 15 GB which is free of cost and can be upgraded as per customer request on a nominal payable fee or subscription plan, http://www.3win99.com/my/en-us/.



The predecessor to Gmail, as it was the king of emails at a time and most of the firms used it for its efficiency and customisable features. They even had contracts to handle the official database, which were mostly taken over by Hotmail and yahoo later on. Still, the outlook is the superior of them all based on its functionality capabilities. Connectivity with Facebook and twitter is possible to sync data from the same. The main plus point being its user interface which is superior to any on this list and of course, cleaner, which is easier to use regularly.

Yahoo Mail:

One of the oldest contenders in the email list of software and application side of things. The newest addition being the offering of 1TB of storage on cloud for any user for free, which is just ridiculous and unbelievable. The software user interface is smooth and not very complicated for the newbies who are looking into getting a new email for the first time. Customers or users can customise their user interface with custom backgrounds and notification alerts which is very rare in this space. It is definitely for people who use their emails to store a lot of space.

Proton Mail:

Proton Mail

It is the mail-in black, which has a unique feature of encrypting data wherein user can restrict the use of data among the third party user who wants to keep it as an encrypted file. This is all free but comes at a cost as the storage available is only 500MB which is very negligible considering the contenders in this space offering at least about 15GB. But many Multi-National Companies have huge cliental who use these services mainly the encrypt option on the proton.


The full form being American Online which is very nostalgic indeed. The main feature of this mail service provider is unlimited free storage database provided for all customers at free of cost. It has texting and instant messages capabilities in specific specified windows. It has all the encryption features, which is a paid optional extra and has all the virus and glitch protection firmware which is common nowadays. It has been recently purchased by a mega American firm which is a network service provider.